Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Five Glasses

Choosing five of my wine glasses, I set them up on a table, and started sketching them.  I am working on this for an upcoming wine and paint party.  I am keeping the colors more neutral, and I am thinking about what could be easily taught with good chances for success.  After sketching, I fill in the masses with the dominant colors.  With some loose brushwork, these masses have more interest.  In using my three favorite brushes all month, I find I am again returning to my connoisseurs.  They move stiffer paint more effectively, and their bristles are so thick that they never separate like the Bristlons do.  I still love the Silver Silverwhite synthetic brushes for finish work, though.  They will lay paint right on top of wet paint, without brushing into the bottom layer.  Very nice.  This rather contemporary painting is number 1380 in 1380 days.

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