Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flag Bearing Nutcrackers

What started as a pen and ink sketch at Thursday's Art Mob event, is now an acrylic painting.   I picked two of the three I had sketched, and out them down by negatively painting them with the background color on the panel.  During this phase, the shapes of the nutcrackers emerge.  When I use acrylics, I use them straight (with no water added) with an almost dry brush technique.  This allows me to layer the strokes, creating a depth with the rich pigment.  My favorite acrylic paint?  Well, right now it is Liquitex heavy body, but it was Golden for many years.  I have so much paint - I  wonder if I will ever be able to use up all the tubes of acrylic in my cabinet!  This painting is the 1403rd painting in 1403 days  :)
Acrylic on panel  5x7

1 comment:

  1. So neat! What do you do with all those paintings? Sell them all?