Sunday, November 20, 2016

November at the Elms

Tonight finds me sketching in my marvelous handmade watercolor journal with pen and ink.  After staying at The Elms last weekend, the hotel has been on my mind, wanting to be rendered.  It is a challenging subject, as the building is vast and intricate, and I am working from photo reference.  I SO prefer to be standing in front of my subject!  Once I get the drawing where I want it to go, I decide whether to add watercolor or not.  I love the thick, textured handmade paper, and it seems a waste to not apply the watercolor.  I use my tiny travel set of pan watercolors with my new brush pens - and I love them!   The colors are opaque, instead of my usual transparent palette, and the pens are certainly different from my high dollar brushes, but I still love the way this set up uniquely works.  These paintings are not for sale.  I think I will finish the book in its entirety and then decide to keep it or sell it.  It is going to be so much fun to see these pages unfold!   Painting number 1410 in 1410 days :)
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