Friday, July 21, 2017

Kenton Row Inked

My very first drawing inside of the Lakeside Chautauqua, focusing on the cottages of Kenton Row, with the cool breezes wafting in from Lake Erie.  Set up in the deep shade under the mature trees of Central Park, this was a glorious painting day!  Having left the Missouri heat behind me, I thoroughly enjoyed this newfound comfort!  I concentrated on two cottages in this drawing and added one more to the right in paint.  I was on the fence, two or three.... and the sketch helped me to make that decision.  If I'd brought wider panels, I would have painted five of these cottages.  But alas, I did not!  Painting number 1655 in 1655 days.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Second and Vine

The morning light was stunning as it spread across Second street. After a few quick looks, I decided to paint.  At the edge of the opposite side of the street, I set up my easel and pulled out my pen.  Drawing helps me to get acquainted with my scene, making friends with the lines and shapes to come.  Within minutes, I am ready for paint.  Starting with my panel and palette in the shade (which is ideal), I finished in the sun.  If I have to paint in the full sun, I turn my panel to the shade to check my values.  If I forget this important step, my painting may be too dark when I bring it inside.  Bright sunlight has a way of tricking the eyes, so it is best to check before packing up those paints!  Painting number 1654 in 1654 days.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

East Harbor Water Lilies Inked

After spending the whole day at the beach, we were headed out when we came upon this scene.  The water was so still on this inlet, the reflections enhanced the shape of the lily pads floating on the surface.  We had to climb out onto a bench hovering over the water for the best view.  Taking care to not drop my pen or brush in the water, I slipped them in my pocket between steps.  I drew out the scene first with my fountain pen, and then washed in the values with my waterbrush pen.  The sun was fading fast, but oh how I would have loved to paint this place, too.  Painting number 1652 in 1652 days.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lakeside Sailing

The light was simply amazing as I opened my paints, and it only improved from there.  Standing in a sliver of shade, I followed my drawing with paint.  Taking the time to sketch first solidifies the lines and values in a way that jumping into paint does not.  It makes the work easy since I've thought through the painting first.  I also like to observe my scene thoroughly before I pick up the pen.  Once the paint was flying, so many colors reflected off the surface of the water!  It was fun to keep up with them in paint!  I never tire of painting by the water.  Painting number 1651 in 1651 days.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lakeside Sailing Inked

The sailboats moved in and out of the harbor, families playing in the water together, and I had to paint them.  Standing in a sliver of shade, I grabbed my favorite pen only to find it out of ink! Oh no!  After trying to coax the last little bit of ink out of my fountain pen, I gave up. I tried several pens before landing on this Le Pen, which I don't care for normally, but it does move with water, and that is what I needed.  Today's lesson?  Keep that extra fountain pen in the easel bag.....where it was before I removed it!  Painting number 1650 in 1650 days.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jame"s Boats

After a morning paint up on Second Street, I headed down to Central Park to paint the wooden boats.  A show was scheduled for noon, and already the lawn was filled with these beauties.  Once I saw these two boats, I walked no farther - this was my spot!  I loved the way the blues and greens popped against the mahogany - gorgeous!  First setting up behind the boats, with the Lakeside Hotel in the background, I them changed my mind and painted with Lake Erie behind.  Setting up in the full sun was not preferred, but the scene dictates the spot.  This was a joy!  Wonderful location, friendly onlookers, and a cool breeze off the lake - who could ask for more?  Painting number 1649 in 1649 days.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lakeside Cottage

What a gorgeous morning along the edge of Lake Erie!  This vintage cottage is surrounded by flowers spilling out onto the lawn. I spent the hours visiting with passers by as they strolled the path, and finished as my parents came by to visit!  Another perfect day in paradise!  Painting number 1648 in 1648 days.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Kenton Row

My very first day in Lakeside Chautauqua - and WOW - what a gem!  I have never been here but have driven by it many times!  This vintage place is a step back in town with turn of the century cottages, historic buildings and super friendly people!  With so much to paint - the narrowing down was unbelievably hard!  I chose this spot on Kenton Row because I love the sliver of Lake Erie behind the charming cottages!   After a drawing in ink, I made a couple of adjustments and forged ahead with paint.  I have talked all day long to people as I worked, and the time just flew by.  I don't know how I'm going to be able to leave this place on Sunday.  Too many paintings - too little time!!  Painting number 1647 in 1647 days.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Path to the Lake

Beach sketching has it's own set of challenges.  I don't like to lay my journal in the sand, as sand already blows into everything.  I need to keep my ink pen capped for the same reason.  If I'm nut careful, the water will splash onto the pages, all paintings of which would dissolve, if wet. On a day like today, the spotty sprinkles from the sky could leave their mark on my page. But, how's a girl to resist the beauty of such a place?   Painting number 1646 in 1647 days. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Marblehead Lighthouse

Before setting up to paint, a nice couple shared the weather info with me, warning that a storm was imminent and pulling up their radar to show me where it is. Looked like I would have an hour to paint.  Five minutes in, the raindrops started to fall. Yikes!  I had to get that panel covered with paint before rain hit it!  I tilted the panel downward and painted as fast as I could!  A young girl came up and asked if she could paint, so I handed her my brush and showed her how to lay in some green for the trees.  The rain picked up and I took over, working fast.  I just knew the clouds were going to open up before I finished, but I got it done - and the storm went completely around us!  Painting number 1645 in 1645 days.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dischinger Road Farm

I love these old family farms, and can hardly drive by one without reaching for my paints. 
After inking this farm twice, from two different locations, I am finally laying paint!  The cluster of  old barns is very appealing, and so well set against the crops and field of the foreground.  With a brief torrential downpour, water sat in the field, reflecting the sky color. I referred to my second sketch for the block in, especially for the values.  Standing in the shade of a large, unoccupied building, it was very pleasant even on this warm day.  Twice the local policeman came by to check on us, smiling and waving  as he drove past.  The second time he laughed as he realized we were painting!  I don't think the locals see many plein air painters up here!  Painting number 1644 in 1644 days.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Down the Street

Many times I have walked this street back from the park, with kids in tow, to my parents house in Elmore.  This street scene with their welcoming house at the end was the perfect way to finish off a day of art!  The humidity is high with today's rain, and I find these 100% cotton papers really absorb water from the atmosphere. The ink goes on with more strength and spreads more readily.  I find I need to be careful to keep the drawings from getting too dark, and sometimes I can't control it.  I don't have a waterproof bag to slip them into, and that may be the only way to keep the moisture from moving the ink!  Painting number 1643 in 1643 days.....I think!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rose Garden Inked

Loose Park Rose Garden is one of my favorite places to paint - and now to sketch, too! The architectural design of this garden is wonderful, and dramatic in ink! I'm getting used to this larger format journal, a 9x6, and am growing to like it.  After absolutely loving my 4x6,I felt this one may be too large for these daily drawings. They are not, and it's always good to get out of our comfort zone!  Painting number 1642 in 1642 days.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fountain at the Rose Garden

Another beautiful morning spent in one of my favorite places - the Rose Garden at Loose Park!  Today was the Urban Sketchers KC event, and I planted myself among the roses!  What a joy to paint such a beautiful place, surrounded by the fragrance of roses!  I first did an ink painting of this spot in the deep shade of a tree.  After a dropping bug bit me, I decided to move back 50 feet, getting out from under the branches.  My angle of the garden shifted a little, and I used my sketch less for reference.  I also need to reload this palette, as I have a lot of tacky paint on here!  I wish fairies would come at night and do all these little chores for me, allowing me to jump right into the important stuff!  This was another quick paint, just over an hour, and this could certainly be more finished.  I must come back here and paint large!  I love this place!  Painting number 1641 in 1641 days.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Hay Bales in the Field

I plan my plein air locations around my schedule each day, and today I had to drop off a painting at the Rice Gallery.  I took advantage of this and stopped by my favorite local hay bale field in Overland Park. The bales were still out, so I set up for a small painting according to my available time. I forgot my favorite sketch journal, and only had a pen I do not like (le pen), so I skipped the drawing and got right in the paint.  It is always when I'm in the field that I remember that I should have topped off my palette!  Yet again, I still need sap green and yellow ochre!  Arghhh!  Another day, another lesson. Maybe I'll do it before the next time I use this pochade box.....! Painting number 1640 in 1640 days.  Wow, the time flies by!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pink Gladiolus - journal

I am experimenting in this new journal tonight.  The paper is handmade cotton rag from India, and the texture velvety and rather thin - I only work on one side.  Until now, I've only used my fountain pen and water brushpen in this. Today, I long to add color to the blooms, so I'm trying my watercolors with my brushpen.  The texture is not strong like watercolor paper, so I have to go easy on the water.  My brushpen is a little to abrasive too, and I have to be very careful.  My real brush would be better.  Once I got the color down, I took my Pitt pen and added some line work.  It is also the first time I've used that pen on the paper, and the super fine worked well. When it came to taking a photo on location, Beau jumped right in, knocking down one of those blooms in the process!  Another day, another plein air adventure!  Painting number 1639 in 1639 days.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Train Yard

I held my weekly painting class at the train yard tonight - and we did it at night!  I love the spontaneity and freshness that comes with plein air painting - and especially when it comes to nocturnes!  I did two ink drawings before returning to my original spot for capturing the light.  When standing at a distance on a night scene, I have to wait until it is pretty dark to see where the light lands. This train yard is complicated for an hour paint, so I concentrate on the light and the color of that light. I caught the deep blues in the sky before they faded to black.  I love painting at night!  Painting number 1638 in 1638 days.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Doorway Inked

This may be the first drawing I have done at night!  I normally jump right into the paint when starting a nocturne painting.  I like to position myself under a street light, where I can see the illuminated landscape before me.  The white soda lights of downtown Belton are perfect for this. It is important to look for white lights, and not the yellow or blue ones, for the best results. This is not always possible, and I truly don't know what I've got until I see it in natural light in the morning!  Painting number 1637 in 1637 days.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Water Lilies - watercolor journal

While working on this painting, I was a little too aggressive with my journal, trying to separate the last pages which were glued too much into the margin.  As you can see - I created more work for myself, now having to reglue and stitch this back together.  I'll be more careful next time!  I used a medium black Pitt pen to sketch out these water lilies at the arboretum.  Next, I used my largest water brushpen to lay in the colors.  The larger brushes work more effectively on this rough paper, allowing plenty of water onto the surface.  While wet, I drop in more pigment as necessary, to bump up the intensity as watercolors lighten as they dry.  Jumping back and forth from the fountain pen to this technique is fun.  I like to mix things up regularly!  Painting number 1636 in 1636 days.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kingdom City Lines Inked

I remember when I used to omit power lines from landscape paintings, not wanting to break up a beautiful composition with man made lines.  Now, I like them and the realism they add to a simple drawing.  I really think this is a nod to the increased urban sketching I've been doing these last months!  I love the paper in this particular journal, a velvety, 100% cotton long fibered rag on the thin side.  I can add a really wet brush to my ink renderings, and still the ink does not bleed through the paper..... though I fear it might.  I like this journal so much, I got another one just like it!  This painting makes 1635 in 1635 days....I think,  maybe I better check.....!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hay Bales

I drove by this little slice of heaven after running errands in the thick of town, and HAD to double back!  At 127th and Metcalf - this view can be had from the parking lot of a business, no bugs, no standing in tall grass, and with my XM running.  My pocket box was loaded and ready to go, so after a quick sketch, I started painting.  My tiny Altoid tin palette could use a few summer adjustments, like sap green and yellow ochre, but I made due. All those years of using a limited palette only make acclimating to whatever I have a piece of cake.  I like the stiffer oils, and find the creamy ones just a little mushy. I loaded paint to this tiny palette from a broken piece of glass I was cleaning off, and a few of those were Rembrandts. I like the brand, but find laying a stroke over the top more difficult. I love these big round bales, and these are only the first of the season!  Painting number 1634 in 1634 days.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Purple Poppies in Batik

I like to keep a few sheets of rice paper in my sketch bag, for those impromptu paintings in the field. This is Kozo rice paper, which is long fibered and stronger than some of the others I use. When it comes to adding watercolor to the India ink, I must use a soft watercolor brush instead of my water brushpens.  While perfect for my khadi paper, they cause damage to the surface of the rice paper very quickly.  My watercolor pans are wonderful here, the high pigment really pops.  This is only the second time I've used those paints in this application, and I love the results!  I wax and add the final batik color back at home.  Painting number 1633 inn 1633 days.  Now to get ready for Family Game Night!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pink Allium

I opened my 5x7 pocket box this morning to find I had left this painting in it!  This is the second time this has happened to me this week!  So often, I finish a painting right before I have to be somewhere, so I close up shop and forget all about it!  I haven't used this small box in two months, and only pulled it out this morning to send a photo of it to an artist friend!  Allium is one of my favorite blooms in the garden, so it is no surprise I painted them again!  Painting number 1632 in 1632 days.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Train Yard Inked

When I went in search of trains, I was expecting to finish a quick drawing and meet the family for dinner.  WELL, this very complicated subject which I am not familiar with, took me a little longer to get down!  I love the nostalgia of these old trains, and I have no idea what the second vehicle is - perhaps something to check the tracks?  I'm scouting locations for my next nocturne painting night, and I think this will be a cool place!  And at night, I will only need to paint the light,  leaving all those unlit details in shadow. That is definitely a bonus!  Painting number 1631 in 1631 days.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ella Street Inked

I've always found street scenes challenging.  Now, I don't know why.  It is all angles and relationships, just like everything else, I simply need to draw the shapes and lines.  This drawing came together quickly as a pre sketch for a nocturne painting.  I love this scene, but as the light faded from the sky and the street lights came on, I chose another scene.  This is one of the real benefits of drawing out a composition before painting.  I can work out the details in my mind, and then decide to take it further or not.  I realized I liked the current light, and it would not be the same in the dark.  I'm sure I'll return to this place with my oils one day soon!  Painting number 1630 in 1630 days.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Night on Ella Street

By special request, I met my painting students in old town Belton for some night painting.  What fun we had!  I first sketched out a full street scene before focusing on this section of the building at Main St. and Ella.  The rain made it's appearance as I finished the ink drawing for this one, and I had to take shelter under a tree!  It quickly passed, leaving glorious wet streets behind!  What a gift!  Nothing makes a nocturne sing like reflections on the street.  This hour quick paint was sheer joy!  We all had so much fun that we are returning on July 5th to paint the train yard at night!  Painting number 1629 in 1629 days.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Along Bear Creek

Colorado is full of wonderful hiking trails, and this one runs along Bear Creek in Steamboat Springs.  Often when I'm running, I'll see amazing landscapes - and I don't have my gear!  I don't even like holding my phone on a run.  Today we had our first Open Studio for the Tri County Art League, and I got the chance to work on this. Working inside is like painting with my hands tied, the scene is not before me, and the photo does not give me enough information.  Luckily, I have just returned from Colorado and this place is still fresh in my mind.  I'm going to let it rest for now, and return tomorrow to see if it calls for anything.  Painting number 1627 in 1627 days.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fairy in the Phlox

The first phlox burst forth in the garden this morning!  I love their heady fragrance, so like lilacs!  The hours rolled by on comfort on this cool day, as I worked on my beds.  With all of the rain, the flowers and weeds alike are flourishing, so I must get things in order.  Drawing from life, this tender phlox simply spilled onto the page and the fairy appeared!  Was it my eyes.... or too much gardening?  Painting number 1628 in 1628 days. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Wild Hydrangea Inked

After a drawing as a painting, I was headed to meet the rest of the Art Mob when I saw this.  I could not resist,  and HAD to pull out pen and paper for a quick sketch!  My water brushpen tip was a little tacky from the sizing on one of my journals, so, the water did not flow as it should. Squeezing out a little on my hand, I was able to make it work!  (A good washing returns the tip to new.)  One of my favorite flowers, I did not know they grow wild in Missouri!  What a fun day this has been - now on to the next event!  Painting number 1626 in 1626 days.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wildflower Path

Today's Art Mob plein air at the Anita Gorman conservation center was a lesson in "rolling with the punches"!  A lovely place, I quickly found my subject matter.  Drawing it portrait format in my journal, I decided to sketch it landscape. I was out of unpainted 4x6 papers.  That's okay, is just start in with the paint.  I open my pochade to find two wet paintings - I forgot to remove them and reload!  I walked back to my car, because I have a carrier with two fresh panels, only to find one of them already painted. I still had one!  I grabbed my OFF clip on,  because I already had a bite and the clip on fell off my easel in the trunk. I got back to my set up, and finally started painting!  I took off my sunglasses, and one side fell off, the tiny screw lost in the grass.  I walked away with a painting I really like, and two ink stretches.  I couldn't pass a hydrangea on the way out without sketching it!  A crazy mixed up plein air day - and my 1625th painting in 1625 days...... or is it 1626?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jack and Sandy's Garden

What a special treat is was to be invited to this charming garden!  With Sandy's monkey bread and a cool drink - I was off to choose my painting location!  There are so many paintings to be found in a garden, it was hard to narrow down the field!  So, I didn't!  I included the view with the "windows", which were really mirrors framed to mimic windows!  How clever!  The beautiful garden is reflected right back - doubling it's size instantly!  This was such a peaceful place to paint. The icing on the cake?  An informal pan flute recital on the lawn, hand carved and played by our gracious host, Jack!  What a perfect way to spend the first day of summer!  Painting number 1624 in 1624 days.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Horse - Da Vinci Style

i have a journal that I reserve for studying master works.  The pages have an aged look, and the hard cover is meant for a drawing of it's own.  Here, I am working in the style of Da Vinci, loosely trying to keep my marks within his bounds. I am using an India ink pen for this, no pencil or fountain pen, just the line to shade and turn the form. I can learn so much by working from a master's piece - I don't dio this nearly enough.  Perhaps I need to give it one day out of 30? I really LOVE working from life, but drawing from Da Vinci could only improve my skills.  Painting number 1623 in 1623 days. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Allium Batik

Teaching last week's Watercolor Batik workshop has me experimenting in the paints this week!  I like to keep a few small sheets of rice paper in my sketch bag, so I can ink my drawings in the field and batik them at home with the hot wax.  This is one from the Overland Park Arboretum (when the allium were amazing) on Kozo rice paper.  This paper is quite thin and fragile, so I must be careful when it is wet with watercolor.  I carry my pan sets in my bag - and they are opaque, unlike the transparent color I have always used. Guess what?  I love them!  The pigment is so rich, and the way the sediment is migrates is so cool!  I left an edge which I filled in with the batik color....which is new.  The opaque brown that I used in the batiking process actually sits on top of the wax, and stays on the painting after ironing.  Interesting!  I think I can use this to advantage!  I'm having so much fun, how will I ever sleep?  Painting number 1622 in 1622 days.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Brookville Farm

The drive through western Kansas is so much more interesting with a pen and journal inn my hand!  These wonderful, pastoral scenes are so appealing to me, bringing back memories of cattle running on my grandma's farm. Not so long ago, I challenged myself to painting 100 cows in one week.  Has that ever made my cow rendering so much easier!  I know their form from all angles, and can draw them very quickly now. Such a bonus!  If there is something you would like to improve your skills on - draw it 100 times in a week!  You won't believe the difference it makes - even months later!  This painting is number 1621 in 1621 days.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mountain Road

I could hardly stop drawing during our mountain drive!  One right after the other, I drew the unfolding scenes before me as fast as I could, barely finished as the scene disappeared in the rearview mirror.  Nothing bumps up my painting speed like a fast moving car!  The one draw back is that I couldn't get a single photo of my drawing with the landscape behind it - it was gone before I could get the shot!  What a great way to spend that time - REALLY looking at the scene.  I had 11 of these painted before we left the mountains behind us!  Painting number 1620 in 1620 days :)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Along Blue River

Venturing out along a dirt path through the wildflowers behind our hotel, I soon heard the rushing of water.  I couldn't see water through the trees and tall grass until I was nearly upon it!  What a surprise!  The river twisted and turned,  and I followed it deep into a brushy area (this was before I knew to be wary of bears and to carry jingling keys)!  When the path finally reached a road, I recognized it and took the civilized way back.  There are a hundred paintings along that path - river, mountains, woods, waterfalls and a bluff rising up along the back side of that river!  This quick color sketch hardly does the place justice.  I will have to do it in oils!  Painting number 1619 in 1619 days.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mountain Trail Inked

The Yampa River Core Trail was the closest to our hotel, and the first one Michaela and I explored for a morning run.  Advised to dangle our keys to let the bears know we were coming, we ventured out!  The views are amazing at every turn, and the evidence of bear tracks were all over the trail.  This trail parallels the main thoroughfare in town, and leads out the other side.  Passing several other runners, I felt sure the bears weren't hungry.  They surely would choose juicier morsels than us!  I've gotten so fast at pen and ink sketches, I can do them on the fly with just a short pause in activity.  It really is remarkable how skills can improve with daily dedication.  Now, if only the watercolors were this fast for me.  I think they can be, I just need to devote more time to them.  Painting number 1618 in 1618 days.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mountain Pond

Hiking trails can be found everywhere in Colorado.  Simply start walking in the direction of the mountains, and before I know it, the trail becomes rather remote!  A couple of times I found myself backtracking, a little wary of running into bears on my own.  If you are ever in Colorado Springs, you must drive up to Pike's Peak!  The views are breathtaking all the way up the mountain, and once you're at the top there is a gift shop and cafe to enjoy - and get you out of the snow and 50mph winds!  It's amazing how dramatically different the weather is from the bottom to the top!  There just isn't enough time to paint my fill in this place.  Painting number 1617 in 1617 days.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mountain View

Early the first morning in Colorado Springs, Mike and I went down for breakfast, sitting out on the balcony and waiting for the kids to join us.  With journal in hand, I drew the mountain scene as we talked, sitting in soft, cushy chairs with a cup of hot tea.  The air was cool and brisk, not at all like the hot muggy air we left in Missouri.  This is the first painting in this journal, which I am hoping to fill wth Colorado paintings.  It feels a little funny using the Pitt pen after so many drawings with the fountain pen.  It is just proof I need to keep my hand in it, just to maintain my confidence with these tools.  The watercolor lays down easily, but I think I should have brought another pan set with cooler colors.  Who knew the hues would change so much in the mountains?  Painting number 1616 in 1616 days.  My, how time is flying by!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Suburban Hydrangea

Plein air is painting on location, from life.  Sometimes, those places are indoors, but always the experience of the day seeps into the painting. These hydrangea were first inked with a Pitt pen, then I washed in the color with my watercolor confection pans.  This is one of my favorite flowers in one of my favorite journals!  The media float over the heavy texture, and water sits on top allowing the paint to mingle and move.  One day soon I will do a flip through video showing all the pages of this journal. I can see so much improvement from the first page to the last.  Painting number 1615 in 1615 days. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Steamboat Springs View in Ink

I try to take every opportunity to sketch, and this one was finished while waiting for the kids to bring their luggage to the cars!  I keep a small clipboard loaded with a piece of my favorite handmade paper as well as my current sketch journal in a bag in the car.  With two kinds of ink, watercolor pans and a couple waterbrush pens, I can sketch at a moment's notice.  If I have to wait on anyone, I'm actually happy about it - and hope they don't appear until I'm finished!  This landscape is just across the street from our hotel on Lincoln Street in Steamboat Springs. What a lovely place this is - I only wish I hag more time to lay paint!  Painting number 1614 in 1614 days.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Steamboat Springs Path

As I watched Alastair play at the playground, I grabbed my pen and paper, and started to draw.  This scene was visible from my vantage, and I quickly sketched the composition, I never know when this little one will want to run to a new place!  With my waterbrush pen, I filled in my values, letting the water move a bit.  This place is stunning, and the light is clear and cool.  This drawing is the perfect art fix to sandwich into a hectic day!  If only I had time to get out my oils....!  Painting number 1613 in 1613 days.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Castle Rock in Ink

 We stopped in Castle Rock after leaving Colorado Springs to gas up the cars.  That's all the time I need to capture the scene before me.  Sometimes, I even ask Mike to park a certain way to give me the best vantage!  I had watched this rock formation from afar as we approached.  It's funny how observing it closely beforehand really speeds up the drawing process.  I already knew where all the planes and values were and it came together in a snap!  This drawing makes 1612 in 1612 days. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pike's Peak

What a beautiful morning for painting in the mountains.  Up early to do some ink and watercolor, I then had a chance to set up my easel and get out my oils.  I wish I had reloaded my palette, and am hoping I can get through the week in what I have. The wildflowers are popping along this ridge, and the colors are so different from Missouri. The greens are cool and dry, in fact all hues are cooler. The light is also different, less humidity to thicken up the atmosphere. It is so fun to explore the differences in paint. It may take me a week to get used to it!  Painting number 1611 in 1611 days. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Road to Balducci's in Ink

I love these wonderful old barns, and this is one of my favorite styles! There is something so nostalgic about an old barn in ink,  as if it had been done a hundred years ago.  I'm making this post short, as it has been an incredibly busy day!  This painting makes 1610 in 1610 days. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Angler Pond in Ink

The early morning light streaming through the trees was a joy to behold at the Jerry Smith Park! I knew this would be the spot to paint, but first wanted to draw a couple of pen and ink sketches to be sure of my composition.  Michaela set up at the other side of the pond for her watercolor painting, and we spent a peaceful hour and a half at our work.  It was a quick paint, after all.  I'm nearing the end of this sketchbook, and when I'm done I think I'll do a video clip through, so everyone can see what fills my pages. I have a new book waiting fur me in the table! Painting number 1609 in 1609 days.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Art Fair at the Arboretum

I'm so at home in the garden, it is a delight to set up my easel and paint!  While visiting with patrons, I like to capture the experience of the day.  With pen and ink and paints, I went from one project to another, the path, the lake, the gardens and the tents, finishing with a drawing of my easel!  Capturing these moments while surrounded in the landscape is a sure way for the mood of the day to seep into my artwork!  It has been so fun to have Michaela join me in this plein air event, and she even had her first sale!  SO EXCITING!  Who knew 9 years ago when she and Michael tagged along with me, their own easels in tow, that she would one day paint in the event herself?  This painting makes 1608 in 1608 days.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder in the Sky

Today was the Art Fair at the arboretum, and it is my last day for painting in the Stems event.  I've had so much fun painting in the gardens.  Today was hot and humid, with rain threatening.  For this painting,  I was set up under the edge of my tent,  so when the rain began, it was okay.  I could keep on painting until finished.  The clouds were simply amazing as they raced across the sky.  I started with the shadow sides of the clouds first, moving to the lights next.  As I moved to the midtones, I pushed the colors a little to capture their beauty.  It was fun to visit with all the patrons as they walked through the gardens, I think I may just go into withdrawal when I'm not painting here every day!  Painting number 1607 in 1607 days.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Path by the Pond

What a fun morning in a very cool park!  I didn't even know this place was here - and it is only 20 minutes from me!  This was originally a farm, that is now a 380 acre park, complete with prairie, outbuildings, and a fabulous, secluded fishing pond.  It was the "Party in the Prairie" plein air event put on by the KC parks department. There was live music, horse drawn wagon rides, hot dogs on the grill, and plenty of people enjoying the park.  Michaela entered her first quick paint with me this morning - and we BOTH placed in the top 5!  SO exciting!  I love that we can share this over her summer break.  This pond was stunning in the morning light,  and was certainly worth the extra hike to get there.  I will be returning to this spot to paint often, and I see a Workshop on the Prairie in my future!  Painting number 1607 in 1607 days.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Poppies at the Lake

With so much painting, I often switch from one medium to another at the drop of a hat, although it has been years since I've used Golden Open acrylics. I found them too tacky before, sticking even months later!  So,  I abandoned them after one plein air event, without seriously working with them. This time,  I added one Liquitex heavy bodied acrylic and a regular gel medium to the mix, ensuring good curing. It worked like a dream,  and I was able to control the drying.  Opens used by themselves take forever to dry,  and I like to work faster than that!  I purchased mine when they first came out, and they may well have adjusted their formula since then.  I really had fun pushing that paint around with a knife - and I want to do more of that in the future,  but I'll never give up my oils!  Painting number 1606 in 1606 days :)