Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Coleman Baptist Church

I had not yet decided what to paint today, when a friend sent me a message about this old church.  It's not far from me, but I've never driven this road east of J Hwy.  I saw several wonderful old houses, barns and farms that I will need to return to, but this church suited me perfectly for my small painting window.  I started this one by looking at each mass carefully, and then blocking in that color on my panel.  With the gray day lighting, my colors and values were close in the scene before me.  I look for subtle differences within each plane as I paint.  The charm of this old church was a joy to capture, even though it was getting blustery out.  Cattle were lining up along the fence to my right - I sure wish I had time to paint them, too!  Painting number 1477 in 1477 days.

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