Friday, January 6, 2017

First Snow at the Milk Barn

The sun is shimmering on the snow this afternoon, and I have waited until the warmest time of this day to paint!  Mind you, that is only 17 degrees, but it beats the 1 degree I woke up to!   My grandmother used to milk her cows here every morning and night for many years, and now I paint here.  I love this place, and I've always loved this place, I wrote about it in my diary as a child.  I am using Williamsburg oils with this easel, and they are still smooth and creamy at 17 degrees.  I use no solvents, only safflower oil to clean my brushes, so this is am important fact for me.  I wonder how cold it can get before they start to show it!   love my Gamblins, but they really start to tack up under 25 degrees.  Who knew this would ever be important to me?  Sane artists don't paint in weather like this!  Painting number 1457 in 1457 days :)
Oil on panel, 7x5
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  1. beautiful! Happy New Year Tammie.

  2. great cold painting..happy new year

  3. omg, how can you even get some scribbles down in those temperatures, let alone a beautiful painting like this! But I guess, when you make a painting every day, you cannot let small things like that keep you from painting :-)