Saturday, January 7, 2017

Grandpa's Old Seeder

I can remember climbing on this antique seeder when I was very small, as my brother and I did with all the old farm equipment.  Now, I am painting it as it rests in the snow.  Since it is so cold out, I have been leaving my palette in the car, rather than putting it in the freezer each night.  At 25 degrees, my Williamsburg oils were creamy at first brushstroke.  I chose my brushes for my 7x5 Guerrilla Painter thumb box according to which ones would fit!  This is a small box, for small paintings, so supplies are minimal when taking this baby into the field.  I load it so that I will need nothing but the box, for the two paintings it will hold inside.  I love it!  Painting number 1458 in 1458 days :)
oil on panel, 7x5
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  1. love the movement and textures on this

  2. I especially like this painting--and I truly admire you for getting out there in the snow and painting plein air!

  3. Gorgeous painting ~ filled with love and you have a real talent ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ahead ~ ^_^