Thursday, January 12, 2017

Milk Barn - watercolor journal

All those chores left undone yesterday, had to be tended to today.  With no daylight left, I am sketching late in my special watercolor journal.  Once the pen and ink is finished, I try out my newest Watercolor Confections pan set of "Decadent Pies"!  This selection has the perfect color palette for this time of year.  Well suited they are for the winter landscape.  I was especially surprised by the wonderful shade of the dark blue - very nice for the shadow work, and a good complement for the warm yellows.  I really do love using this ink and watercolor combination for architecture. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll be adding some ice to my painting!  Painting number 1463 in 1463 days :)
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  1. Hello Tammie, a beautiful watercolour and ink - I love all the tiny details you've achieved too. Happy PPF :D)

  2. That book is going to be a treasure for someone!