Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tangled Trees in Lamplight

As the day was winding down, and I begin to do those last chores of the day, this scene is what I see when I look out the window!   How can I simply turn my back on such beauty?  No matter how tired I was, you know what I did, right?  In a scene like this, I prefer to start with a dark panel.  I didn't have any primed, so I chose one in a dark pumpkin shade.  I start by laying in the darks of all shadow areas, and then define the light.  With the fog, the light spreads far into the landscape, and the deep, dark blue of the sky is not even visible.  There is only the warm light from our light pole throwing all the redbud trees into silhouette.  There is so much beauty around us every day, all we have to do is look!  This painting makes 1474 in 1474 days :)
Oil on panel, 10x8
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  1. WOW - What atmospheric presence. Great use of the Light!

  2. This is gorgeous! Love the color and the contrast!