Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mill Creek in February

It was unseasonably warm when I headed to the park.  I hiked down to the creek on the west side of the lake, as the wind was kicking up from the north.  Finding my spot, the cool wind was right in my face.  I climbed down on the boulders to the edge of the water, using the creek bank as a wind break.  I didn't see any snakes, but kept an eye out between those crevices for whatever may climb out!  I actually sat on one of those boulders with this 8x10 Guerilla Pochade in my lap, to paint this.  I didn't have my palette, so I squeezed out fresh paint from the limited tubes I had loaded in this box.  Well, I couldn't get the alizarin crimson open, and it was my only cool color.  I had Terre Greeze yellow earth, instead of yellow ochre - and it does not make a good green when added to black!  With no blue on board, this was bad indeed!  This yellow did not mix well with white either!  It is a very coarse paint, and I have enjoyed it on a normal palette, but I will never use it on a Zorn palette again!   I will not be so haphazard the next time I load a new pochade box!  Lesson learned!  This painting is the 1490th painting in 1490 days.

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  1. I guess you know the specifics of color mixing in your very own paintings. But looking at the photo i loved this painting.I loved its warmth inspite of the real, cold view. It feels like a late ray of sun is washing over the trees. There is a happy glow in it. So maybe the lack of blue was not a bad coincidence after all :) Happy day to you Tammie.