Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Off Rue du Mitan

This was an absolutely gorgeous day!  After the gym and a run, I headed straight out to do yard with, taking full advantage of the beautiful weather!  I have daffodils and crocus blooming, and I've been cleaning out and mulching countless flower beds.  After an appointment and dinner in town with the family, my intentions were to go down and paint the pond.  An ominous cloud was moving in, and lightening had begun.  Well, darn.  It is too far from the house to set up in a storm, with shelter no closer than the house or barn.  So, instead, I have turned to my pen and ink and some work on architecture.  Such a beautiful place to get lost in for a while.  Drawing number 1511 in 1511 days.


  1. This is just stunning. Sounds like a good day in the garden.

  2. Beautiful drawing in pen and ink, Tammie. I am awed by the wonderful reflections.