Friday, February 3, 2017

Old Barn on Y Hwy

Another morning of drawing before I head to the gym, and another morning I get there late!  I just can't resist a beautiful scene, and the sun is not rising early enough for me to be on time!  On the flip side, I LOVE painting early!!  It revs me up and invigorates me before I ever reach the gym, keeping my head in the game once I get there!  There has lately been heavy equipment and activity around this barn, and with it's deteriorating condition, I'm afraid they are going to bring it down.  These little treasures are slices of Americana, and each one that slips from existence is forever gone.  With this in mind, I am getting this one down in ink and watercolor while I can.  Painting number 1486 in 1486 days  :)

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