Friday, March 24, 2017

Artists Painting the Plaza in ink

Painting cars in the landscape has always been a challenge.  I tend to avoid them,  or better yet,  ignore them completely.  So,  they are my self imposed challenge of the week.  100 cars in one week.  I begin by drawing them,  because the media is less forgiving than paint.  I need to be held to the line!   Even though this is focused study,  I want it to be strong compositionally, not just 100 cars lined up hood to bumper.  What better place than the Country Club Plaza for an amazing backdrop for all the mundane cars?  I look at the shapes that make up each car individually,  and draw just that shape.  I start with front of car,  then the angles of hood and wheel,  next the roof,  finally the back,  treating it like I would a figure.  All figures are angles,  get the angles right and the figure is right.  It's a struggle,  but I'm hoping it will be a breeze by 100!  Drawing number 1536 in 1536 days :)


  1. That's cool! After the 100 people challenge i wanted to do this. I'll do it with you! Can we use the hashtag #100carsinoneweek ? :D

  2. This is a fantastic sketch. And what a challenge you've set yourself.