Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cattle Study in Ink

Tonight finds me finishing up my 100 cows for my self proclaimed "cow week"!  I love this concentrated study!   The watercolor painted cows seemed to roll off the brush,  but the first 20 inked cows were more of a struggle.   So, of course I returned to the ink to finish them up!  They were easier tonight from the very first one.  There is something to that cell memory theory!   The lines flowed more easily,  and the forms came more naturally,  which is all I'm after in these studies.  One good idea leads to another,  and this study had led me to think of another rather unnatural subject for me - cars!   I started with a few on the sunset paint a few days ago,  and I will continue in that theme during the upcoming week.  One by one,  I am going to face those challenges  - and show them who is boss!  Painting number 1529 in 1529 days  :)

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