Thursday, March 23, 2017

Food Line at Rozelle Court

Time is not a thing to be squandered,  so when I saw how long the lunch line was,  I took my sketchbook with me!  With limited time,  I had to make fast decisions,  and the first was my composition.  It did seem a little crazy to draw the whole scene - but that was exactly what caked to me,  so I did it!  The first few marks were the central hall, people ahead of me,  and then the structural lines spreading out to the right.  Loose and fast,  I dropped in people,  tables, plants,  until the composition was finished - and it was my turn to grab a tray!  After enjoying soup and a croissant,  I added the color.  I think this very fast piece is my favorite of the day!  I love getting together with fellow artists at the monthly Art Mob event!  What better way to improve your skills than with friends?  Painting number 1534 in 1534 days  :)

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