Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Old Red by the House

I had already passed a herd of cattle on the way to pick up some plexiglass, intending to return and paint them on the spot.  Then,  I saw this fabulous old truck parked at the side of the historic home which is now Woodson Antiques and Interiors.   With the late light - the whole landscape seemed luminous beneath the dense clouds.  I had to paint it!  There was a steady stream of traffic crossing between the scene and I, but it did not distract me.   Tucked back in the parking lot,  I worked unnoticed.  The painting just fell off the brush,  and I needed this creative outlet today!   After two days of intense housework - I needed therapy!   I felt so much better after painting - I  could actually enjoy dinner out with the family!  It was so nice to have Michaela and Cooper join us for the night!   Painting number 1526 in 1526 days :)

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