Monday, March 13, 2017

Rush Hour Sunset

Today,  I am experimenting!   I want to achieve that "staring into the sunset" feel for this painting,  and I'm using a rather unusual subject for me - a street scene from town!  When I'm in Belton for a sunset,  the best open sky view is from the Kohl's parking lot.  I first underpaint the sky with a cad yellow ball (sun) that gradates out to a cool sienna/alizarin shade at the edges.  I place my sun off center for best composition.  I do all of this in acrylic.  When dry,  I start negatively painting everything by placing in the actual sky color in oil.  In this case I have a Naples yellow/ochre mix.  I scrape back to the wires,  but all else is shaped by the sky color.  I want to add "100 cars" to my monthly goal, so I start here with 4!  I add taillights to the cars,  and - voila - I think it is finished!   I might just go out and paint the windmill in the same way! Painting number 1524 in 1524 days :)
oil on panel, 6x6
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