Friday, April 28, 2017

Barn in the Mist

My third painting of the day was the annual Balducci's sunset paintout, and true to form,  the whole day had been rainy.  Not just rain either,  thunder and lightning, too!  After adding another layer of clothes and a glass of wine, I was toasty as I painted in the mist.  I've not approached this barn from this angle before,  and it was rather dramatic.  I love to visit with everyone as they walk from easel to easel, and the time flies quickly by.   Before I knew it,  I was finished and turning in my painting.  Tomorrow is the day for turning in work and a celebration for the artists afterward.  I think I'd better get my paintings organized and ready for the sale on Sunday!  Painting number 1569 in 1569 days :)

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