Thursday, April 6, 2017

JC Nichols Fountain Revisited

My fountain series continues on this very special khadi paper!  This paper is so special that I save these individual sheets for the fabulous fountains of Kansas City.  This sheet has a quirky little top edge which I love!  Pen work is like handwriting,  every artist has their very own style.  I try to follow form with line,  just as I do with brushwork and paint.  I start with squinting, to see all the values clearly.  I also finish the same way,  rechecking the path of lights and darks.  Sometimes,  a few darks need to be added just to improve the eye flow through the composition.  I have yet to add watercolor to this paper......perhaps the next one!   Drawing  number 1549 in 1549 days - and today is my birthday!  :)

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