Monday, April 24, 2017

Lazy Day at the Pond

What a beautiful day for the Private Estate paint!  The old farmhouse and barns were high on a peak,  overlooking the river bottom land,  surrounded by rolling hills.  When I saw the way the trees and sky reflected in the water - I had to paint it!  For the best view,  I climbed down an embankment into the tall grass,  trying to avoid the poison ivy as best I could.  I first did a pen and ink pre-sketch, then jumped right to the color.  I didn't even paint my sketch on the panel.  No need,  I had figured out my plan in ink.  I've been doing this since Josh's workshop,  and I think it saves time painting.  I know,  hard to believe,  but I can jump right in with confidence having worked out those issues first.  And,  it only takes 10 minutes.  This painting makes 1566 in 1566 days :)

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