Saturday, April 8, 2017

Old Salem Church in Spring

The wind gusts today were unbelievable!  They were strong enough to blow me back from my easel multiple times!   Me easel even blew over when I walked away from it!  Poor Sandy was scrambling after my stuff when a gust came and blew her easel over, too!  So, we just put our stuff back and got back to work!  This is the first demo of the Red Oak II workshop weekend!  I love the old country charm of this vintage church!  The warm, morning light is fleeting,  so I painted that first, after sketching my composition in with my brush.  Next came the shadow planes in their cooler tones.  With the lights and darks in,  it was time to work to the middle values and get the panel covered.  I had to keep constant hold of my easel,  with one leg planted ahead of me - just to keep my balance in that wind!  It even blew my painting arm back and forth as I painted!   I will not soon forget this painting day!  Painting number 1551 in 1551 days :)

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