Friday, May 12, 2017

A Walk in the Park

What a gorgeous day for painting!  Sunny, with a light breeze,  and temps in the 70's - this day was made for painting!  I love this view of the park!  There is something so peaceful about a path winding to the lake.  I positioned myself in the shade of another very large tree,  which allowed me to keep palette and panel in the shade. I painted this one small - only 10x8, mainly because the last one I painted here was 30x24!  I can't believe the KC Plein Air ends tomorrow.  I never get to paint as much as I want to when the event is local.  There are just too many obligations nipping at my heals!  Painting number 1584 in 1584 days.  Tomorrow's quick paint is at sunrise!
Currently at the Buttonwood Art Space in Kansas City
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