Monday, May 22, 2017

Allium in the Garden

The morning was cool and rain threatened.  With a few free hours for painting,  Michaela and I headed to the arboretum. This is the scene I picked out for the quick paint, and today I painted it! These blooms are among my favorites,  and I love capturing them in oils!  In fact,  I'm thinking of getting experimental with them later in the week!  Perhaps some acrylics with a little molding paste!  Before I had gotten the surface covered wth paint - the clouds broke open!  I picked my easel up and walked to the front porch of a shed for cover.  Once I got that paint down,  I could return to my spot with no worries.  The rain had let up,  and I was able to finish and head to my painting class.  Michaela finished a beautiful pen and ink climbing rose and filled it in with watercolor.  So nice to share my painting adventure with my daughter!  Painting number 1594 in 1594 days.
Allium in the Garden
oil on panel, 14x11
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