Sunday, May 7, 2017

Boat Launch in Ink

In all the years I have been painting down at Augusta Shores,  I don't think I have ever painted the boat launch!  The canoes and kayaks laying on the beach are so appealing, I started scouting for the best vantage spot.  Deciding on a view nearer the lake,  I changed my mind as I stepped out of the car.  Parked along the road,  the tall brush in the foreground and the view through the trees was very inviting.  So, I put on my rubber boots for the tall grass,  preparing for the expected thunderstorms.  The rain never came,  and I had a wonderful painting day!  This ink drawing prepared me for the oil painting to come.  It is so nice to work out the design before the first brushstroke of paint!  Painting number 1579 in 1579 days  :)

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