Saturday, May 6, 2017

City Market Inked

This morning was our monthly Urban Sketchers KC gathering - this time at the City Market.  What a fabulous place to draw and paint!  This was my third painting on site, the first two were done on black and white.  With so many wonderful colors,  I just had to pull out the watercolor for this one!  I had left my favorite two sets in my plein air bag at home,  so this one was painted with my "tropical" set of the watercolor confections.  They were fine to use,  except when I wanted my indigo blue for those rich shadow shades!  I had to mix up my own shadows - which is good for me!  It was fun to visit with onlookers as they spotted me drawing! After a morning downtown,  I headed back to the Penn Valley Park.  This has certainly been a day full of art - and so fun to participate so close to home..... relatively!   Painting number 1578 in 1578 days.  I was planning on a sunrise paint in the morning,  but at this hour,  I'm rethinking that!  

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