Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Clouds Over Margaret's Pond

I rarely miss workouts, but this morning found Michaela and I painting early at the arboretum.  The morning light was amazing, and the clouds were an ever-changing show in the sky!  After watching them all the way there, I knew they would be my first subject of the day!  I must be quick when painting skies, all is in motion, and apt to move right out of sight. I get the masses in first, and then start laying in the shadows. It is push and pull with the color,  warmer near the sun and cooler away from the light.  Once I get the sky and reflections in,  I can then work on the landscape.  I had so much fun on this one that I turned around and painted another!  Painting number 1604 in 1604 days.
Oil on panel, 12x9
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  1. Lovely painting and nicely displayed

    Have a very creative weekend

    Much love...