Friday, May 19, 2017

Dusk at Monet's Garden

The pouring rain had let up as I loaded my car for the quick paint.  It was only raining lightly as Diane and I headed for the arboretum.  With a little red wine, salad and a sandwich, it was out to the garden to find a spot.  Not in a hurry, I walked around a little and decided on a row of allium with a fence behind them.  But as I set up, the scene behind me kept calling my name.  Twice I looked away, and then I succumbed.  Turning my easel, I began to paint.  I had left my sketch pad in my panel bag,  so there was no pre-sketch tonight.  I really love painting with such moody light,  the feeling of the place can't help but seep into the painting.  I'm going to really enjoy painting here for the next two weeks.  Painting number 1591 in 1591 days.
Dusk at Monet's Garden
oil on panel, 9x12
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