Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ebenezer Church Inked

I have wanted to draw this church since the first time I stepped into old town Augusta.  I think I may even have painted it in acrylics in my early days of plein air, back when I was glazing everything with layers of very thin paint!  There is something so calming about putting pen to paper.  It is like stepping back to my childhood, and choosing among the various pens and pencils in my grandma's special box.  I remember so clearly pulling it out of the tiny student desk in her kitchen, right under one of the north windows, and reaching in for the old tablet of Big Chief paper.  I even remember the smell of that paper and the old wooden pencils.  Time seemed to stand still as I lost myself in what I was creating, just like now.  Often I finish a painting, and have no idea what time it is.  I really do have to set the alarm on my phone to call me back to reality, and all those real life details I must attend to.  Oh, to be a child again!  This drawing is number 1603 in 1603 days.


  1. Yes I love my pa
    inting I did of it. We also attended the Sun Morning Services several times while painting there.