Sunday, May 14, 2017

Footpath to the Lake

I got to the park early,  knowing this large painting would take longer than my usual sizes.  Last fall,  my husband got me the largest French resistance pochade by Guerrilla. It is my fourth,  I now have 4 different sizes,  three different styles,  and I love them all!  This one is discontinued,  and at the time I ordered there were only 2 to be found anywhere - so I snapped one up while I still could. It is heavier,  and I can see how I may well have trouble in a strong wind,  but this day was calm.  Thank goodness!  Only a few strokes into my painting, a man came up and started talking to me.  We visited as I worked, and he sat down behind me.  He remained through most of the painting, until he was called away.  I have to admit, it made me a little nervous when he started popping open beers at 10:30 in the morning,  and my artist friends were not in sight. All's well that ends well,  but next time I'll make sure there's a friend in sight!  Painting number 1586 in 1586 days.  This painting is now in the front window of the Buttonwood Art Space!!

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