Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Prairie Romance

After a morning of pen and ink in old town Overland Park, I took Michaela back home and got dinner started in the crockpot.  The clouds were absolutely breathtaking the whole way home.  I dashed right out to set up on the prairie, on the southeast side of the arboretum.  The gate was not open and there were no other painters!  Grabbing my gear,  I shimmied through the gates and started setting up.  With this grand landscape, I wanted to paint large!  I pulled out a 24x18, but I didn't have my large easel.  Always the girl scout,  I grabbed my extra tripod which has mounts for a large panel - and out worked great! I didn't even need to anchor it with weight.  Next dilemma, my large brushes were in my large box - so I had to make due with what I had, mediums at best.  I sketched first, then started slinging paint!  I painted faster as I felt raindrops and heard distant thunder!  Something happens to me when I paint large....I get loose and free with that brushwork,  and the process is exhilarating!  There is nothing like an approaching storm to quicken one's pace in the field!  This large painting is the 1596th in 1596 days :)
Prairie Romance
Oil on panel, 24x18
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