Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Standing on the Prairie

The gorgeous clouds called me to the prairie,  but the lush grasses and few trees won my attention. I first worked my sketch to be sure of my composition, and got right to work. It sure felt like rain,  so I had my rain slicker and wellies on.  I was alone on the prairie,  with not an artist in sight, and it was so peaceful.  I had such a relaxing time painting,  then packed it up and headed back to the gate.  Pushing my gear through,  I next shimmied through the gates and started to pack my trunk.  I took off my layers, answered a few messages,  and took off.  On 179th, it dawned on me that I may not have grabbed my easel with the painting attached! I pulled off the road and checked my trunk.  Sure enough,  I left it leaning against the gate!  So glad it was still there!  I need to get more sleep!  Painting number 1597 in 1597 days.
Standing on the Prairie
oil on panel, 14x11
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