Sunday, May 28, 2017

Steps to the Garden

After scouting the gardens of the Overland Park Arboretum, Michaela and I settled into this particular spot.  As she focused on the bees buzzing around the lamb's ear, I was drawn to the stone steps dropping into this bed, and the flowers flanking the sides.  As I drew,  the temperature dropped, and the wind picked up.  To the west, I could see the telltale darkening of the sky.  The radar on my phone was taking a long time to come up, as I continued to sketch, one eye on the sky.  It was moving in quickly. When one paints outside as much as I do, I have developed a sixth sense where the weather is concerned, and how much time I have to get my gear packed and to the car.  I gave Michaela the heads up as I checked the radar. Still not loaded.  Well, it was time to leave.  As we passed another artist,  I mentioned the approaching storm and wished her luck.  She wasn't ready to leave. As we walked to the entrance,  the dark front was already SO MUCH CLOSER!  We packed the trunk and left,  but as we did the skies were taking on a turquoise hue.  So, of course, we went around to the prairie gate, and from it's high ground,  the scene was breathtaking!  All those dark clouds with turquoise and pink - it was all I could do to get back in the car and leave!  All the way home, we were just ahead of the storm.  A few large raindrops, a little lightening, a couple of turnoffs for extra photo ops, and the heavens opened up as we drove up the lane.  I couldn't even grab my palette, we just raced for the door.  And through that heavy rain I heard a mower engine.  Looking out to the west,  I could barely see Mike, trying to finish that mowing in the driving rain!  He was completely soaked when he made it to the house!  Painting number 1601 in 1601 days.
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  1. Love you drawings and paintings and the stories that go with them! Super!