Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Rose Arbor

The morning was calling, and I knew I would have to catch this light!  Pushing a million chores out of my mind, I grabbed my palette and headed to the arboretum.  I walked past this place twice,  before setting up. It was a little awkward as I had squeeze close to the hedge, with the arms of a spruce tree reaching over me, and my panel in the light.  The bright light bouncing up from the path was nearly blinding, and yet, this scene called. I had to walk halfway across the bridge just to step back from my painting.  Despite all this, the paint fell right off my brush and the image emerged.  I like it,  though I've not really had a chance to see it in good light.  Hopefully I feel the same way later!  Painting number 1593 in 1593 days.
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