Monday, May 15, 2017

Umbrellas at the City Market

Some days I hit the for running, and never slow down until I hit the pillow!  This has been such a day!  I had innumerable errands and chores sandwiched in between my regular busy schedule.  Painting class was super fun as I shared new techniques with my students.  With hardly enough time to prepare,  I hosted my sorority tonight for dinner and a meeting - and it is always so fun to catch up with my sisters!  Afterwards,  I started gathering all supplies for tomorrow's watercolor batik workshop.  All will have to be in the car - because I am going straight there from the gym.  I refuse to miss my workout,  so I must plan ahead for all I'll need.  I sure hope I can find time to eat!  Painting number 1587 in 1587 days.  👩‍🎨🎨

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