Monday, June 19, 2017

Allium Batik

Teaching last week's Watercolor Batik workshop has me experimenting in the paints this week!  I like to keep a few small sheets of rice paper in my sketch bag, so I can ink my drawings in the field and batik them at home with the hot wax.  This is one from the Overland Park Arboretum (when the allium were amazing) on Kozo rice paper.  This paper is quite thin and fragile, so I must be careful when it is wet with watercolor.  I carry my pan sets in my bag - and they are opaque, unlike the transparent color I have always used. Guess what?  I love them!  The pigment is so rich, and the way the sediment is migrates is so cool!  I left an edge which I filled in with the batik color....which is new.  The opaque brown that I used in the batiking process actually sits on top of the wax, and stays on the painting after ironing.  Interesting!  I think I can use this to advantage!  I'm having so much fun, how will I ever sleep?  Painting number 1622 in 1622 days.

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