Friday, June 2, 2017

Poppies at the Lake

With so much painting, I often switch from one medium to another at the drop of a hat, although it has been years since I've used Golden Open acrylics. I found them too tacky before, sticking even months later!  So,  I abandoned them after one plein air event, without seriously working with them. This time,  I added one Liquitex heavy bodied acrylic and a regular gel medium to the mix, ensuring good curing. It worked like a dream,  and I was able to control the drying.  Opens used by themselves take forever to dry,  and I like to work faster than that!  I purchased mine when they first came out, and they may well have adjusted their formula since then.  I really had fun pushing that paint around with a knife - and I want to do more of that in the future,  but I'll never give up my oils!  Painting number 1606 in 1606 days :)


  1. Stunning poppies!! Love it... Tammie your link is wrong on ppf this week1! Hope you get to change it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Lovely work indeed. Greetings!