Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dischinger Road Farm

I love these old family farms, and can hardly drive by one without reaching for my paints. 
After inking this farm twice, from two different locations, I am finally laying paint!  The cluster of  old barns is very appealing, and so well set against the crops and field of the foreground.  With a brief torrential downpour, water sat in the field, reflecting the sky color. I referred to my second sketch for the block in, especially for the values.  Standing in the shade of a large, unoccupied building, it was very pleasant even on this warm day.  Twice the local policeman came by to check on us, smiling and waving  as he drove past.  The second time he laughed as he realized we were painting!  I don't think the locals see many plein air painters up here!  Painting number 1644 in 1644 days.

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