Sunday, September 3, 2017

Paintbrush Can

One of my six new ink samples, this Diamine Macassar ink may just be my favorite!  Not a true sepia, it leans more towards a burnt umber hue. It gets very dark and rich with a little water applied, and even separates a little from brown to blackish as that ink spreads. I LOVE when an ink does this, it is a little magic that happens on it's own. The pen in using tonight is a Preppy fountain pen that my son has generously donated to my cause!  I did not have an empty pen to fill, and did not want to use my dip pen as it's nib is super fine and a little harsh on this handmade paper.  I know this Preppy pen is a poorer cousin in the world of fountain pens, but I like it's flow and mark. I feel like I am running down a rabbit hole with no end in sight - these fountain pens may just be my newest addiction!! Painting number 1699 in 1699 days.
ink on paper, 6x4
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