Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Waterfall Impressions

There is nothing that recharges my batteries like spending time immersed in nature.  Deep in the woods of the nature sanctuary, this view of the lower waterfall is mesmerizing.  I could spend all day painting to the music of the water.  This special place in Parkville is one I return to again and again, and my composition is never the same.  For this one, I am near the edge for a side angle view, with all kinds of complicated roots and branches through this scene.  I start with values, and simplify.  Whenever I lose track of where I'm headed, I squint - forcing me to see the values.  I had fun wth this one!  I love a challenge, I love the woods, and I love waterfalls - how could it get better than this?  Painting number 1722 in 1722 days.

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