Friday, September 1, 2017

Zinnia in Caroube

Today has flown by like a whirlwind!  I am juggling so many balls - it will be a miracle to keep them all in the air!  My shipment arrived today from the Goulet Pen Company - new pens - TWSBI Eco and a Pilot Metropolitan for my son, J.Herbin Anniversary Ink in Caroube de Chypre and 6 other samples to try. First of all, my goodies were so well packed, they could have been dropped from a plane and been perfectly fine!  Along with a personal note was a tootsie pop!  Of all the art supplies I have ordered through the years, this is only the second company that has impressed me so.  Well done, Goulet Pen Company, you have made me a customer for life.  And, I use a lot of ink!  Painting number 1697 in 1697 days.
ink on paper, 6x6
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