Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gingerbread Tree

I have treasured the tiny blown glass gingerbread ornaments on this tree for many years.  There are gingerbread men and houses adorning this tiny tree in an old enamel ware mug, and it has always been in my kitchen for the holidays.  Tonight, it called to be immortalized in paint, and I answered the call with watercolors.  Once again, I picked up my dried up Pitt pen to start my composition. But THIS time, I threw it to the ground (where it later found it's way to the trash)!  No more playing games with empty pens!  The second pen was better, but not great.  Will I EVER lay my hands on the new one??  I wonder if these babies are refillable......I have plenty of India ink that I could load them with.  Perhaps the real answer is loading one of my fountain pens with India ink.  That would end my ink worries, as I have enough ink to last me until the end of time!  Painting number 1790 in 1790 days.

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