Monday, December 11, 2017

Shine of Christmas

How can I possibly cram so many things in one day?  Burning the midnight oil, this is my first chance to post today's painting done as a demo for painting class.  After arranging a few Christmas balls in the center of the table, everyone could then draw and paint from their own spot. It truly is so much better to see the ornaments before you vs looking at a photo.  Saving the highlights is paramount in watercolor, so that is the key while laying down the colors.  Once lost, it does not return like it was never painted.  One could use a masking fluid, but I almost never do.  It simply isn't spontaneous enough for me, too controlled, almost contrived.  Watercolors lighten as they dry, so I add more paint as needed while the masses are still wet. I love the mingling that occurs wet on wet, and try not to lose that.  I wonder what medium I'll choose tomorrow....... painting number 1787 in 1787 days.

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