Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sunset in the Ridge

These trees and I have a connection.  Often, I stare out at them while lunging with weights, or doing jumping jacks, or the myriad of other moves completed during my daily visits to the gym for classes.   Once in a while, I even run up and down this ridge multiple times as part of circuit training.  When the weather is not freezing, I run on the path that parallels this ridge of trees.  It is peaceful and nourishing to the soul, and sometimes I smell the donuts baking from the other side!  If I must run indoors, I look down on these trees from the second level, always noting the light and the shadows, the way the atmosphere changes it all.  Every day it's different, and each time it calls to me.  Just studying them somehow takes me away from my workout, as I am painting in my mind.  I will never tire of painting sunsets.  Painting number 1788 in 1788 days.

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