Friday, January 5, 2018

Donkeys in the Woods

This cold winter's day didn't bother these donkeys in the least!  They stick together, one never far from the other.  I've used a thin, velvety paper in 100% cotton.  After drawing with India ink, I use my watercolor confections set to add color.  Even as thin as this paper is, I have no bleed through of ink or paint.  Amazing.  I fully expected a little as I dropped in very wet areas of watercolor.  I just discovered that I could refill my Pitt pens - and I tried it with three that were headed to the trash!  It was as easy as removing the end with pliers and dropping in 5 drops of India ink.  I now wish I hadn't thrown all those other pens away!  Painting number 1812 in 1812 days.

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