Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dunn's Cider Mill ATC

Many times I have enjoyed hot cider and doughnuts here! Sometimes, my friends and I would gather for lunch - with grandbabies in tow!  On the outskirts of town, it is picturesque with it's winding drive back to the mill.  Here, I capture this place with ink and watercolor.  I zoom in on the barn for this one (zooming out for the next).  I paint from outside the gate as they are closed for the season.  One of the biggest benefits of painting daily - I get faster as the months roll by.  Faster at seeing what I want, faster at getting it sketched, and faster at laying that paint.  It all becomes SO natural.  Want to change your life?  Change what you do daily.  Painting number 1820 in 1820 days.