Monday, February 5, 2018

Winter Road

A beautiful, heavily overcast day for a landscape paint, the snow started falling while I was out.  The wind is so still now, I hardly feel the cold.  It has warmed up to 23 degrees!  This is my maiden voyage with this new Guerrilla Painter 8x6 thumb box.  I like this size!  It is not a size I paint often, but really perfect for a cold day with a small painting window.  I used the blueish underpainting for this, and it was certainly quieter on my eyes than the pumpkin shade.  I like it for a seasonal change, the jury is out on whether I'll keep it around for the long haul.  Only time will tell.  I used a pale yellow for the early plein air years, this burnt orange tone for the last 8 or so years, but this is a change in temperature from warm to cool.  That is different indeed.  Painting number 1842 in 1842 days.

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