Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Garden Walk

I love a formal garden, especially one with a path like this, so I had to paint it as soon as I walked back there.  The lines of the historic house make a perfect backdrop for the curving path and abundant blooms. Sketching first with India ink, I then went in with watercolor, only to follow again with a different ink.  Love this media for such a scene as this.  Painting number 2454 in 2454 days.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Bazbeaux in Metal

I've just started working metal in the plein air environment, and I have yet to find my favorite tools. I keep sticking them here and there while I'm working, and then can't find the one I need when I need it!  I can see I need a brush carrier just for these small tools.  I had quite a few people stopping to watch me work - especially on something so different from oils.  It was super fun even if it took me quite a while! Painting number 2453 in 2453 days.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Neet Covered Bridge

I had to return for one more covered bridge painting in Parke County before heading back to KC, and this was my muse for the morning!  Neet Bridge was built in 1904, and is still a gorgeous covered bridge. I met the owner of this bridge at the Carmel Art Fair, and decided to paint his Neet Bridge this morning.  It took a little longer to find it than on Friday, but once ready I jumped in with both feet!  The weather was perfect, a little breeze, and my spot in the shade was very comfortable.  Such a great painting day!  Painting number 2451 in 2451 days.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Farmer's Market - Carmel

Arriving early for the Carmel Quick Paint competition, the Farmer's Market was busy with activity.  I walked to this site right away, took a quick spin around, returning here to set up my gear.  With plenty of time, I started this ink and watercolor of the Nading Farm booth, full of flowers and produce. The vibrant colors hooked me, and I worked out the details in the process.  I don't remember ever doing a full watercolor sketch before a quick paint before, but it really sped up the painting process!  I was done and framed before the hour and a half was up.  I will be doing this before each quick paint from now on.  The best part?  This painting has a new home at Nading Farm!  Painting number 2450 in 2450 days.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Carmel Farmer's Market

This may be the most beautiful farmer's market I've ever painted!!  The space is amazing and as I see this gorgeous flower stand - I know I am hooked.  Setting up a little early, I sketch this first in ink and watercolor.  Putting that one away as the start announcement ends, it was a fast hour and a half!  I didn't even get a photo on ther easel because I had to run and turn in!!  Painting number 2449 in 2449 days.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Cataract Falls

This Indiana State Park is beautiful!  I have driven by this exit of 70 hwy for years, and have only just now been able to get it painted!  Spending time in nature is such a healing balm to my soul - and what best way than to really absorb it all while painting?  Painting number 2448 in 2448 days.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Billie Creek

After losing our GPS signal and driving blind, we stumbled into Rockville and found a covered bridge map!! This beauty was the second one out of town, and you know I had to paint it!  I found a beautiful place in the shade along the water, and began my process. I sketched with paint, marked the darks, and put down those main color marks.  With birdsong and rippling water, this morning paint has been a joy!  Painting number 2448 in 2448 days.