Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fairy Dance

Fairy Dance
Oil on glass, 9x12
print available here
The weather was amazing today, and a spent some time on the front porch with the cats vying for my every attention.  As I looked into the gardens, I could just envision little fairy realms at every glance!  Little fairies dangling from the birdbath, riding an iron hummingbird, and encircling an old nest - all these sprang to mind.  With chores finished, and quiet stillness in the house, I pick up my brushes to work on the fifth panel of six.  Today finds me painting a fairy dance, complete with a couple of childhood friends in fairy form!  One is the piper and the other one dances with his wife.  It is illuminating, because doing this on purpose makes me realize that I often paint figures with someone I know in mind - without really thinking about it.  The fairy in the pinkish red is another childhood friend - Stephanie, who always had a perfect pixie haircut - although her hair is a little darker in real life!  Perhaps that is just the creative spirit in me that calls on the images of my past whenever needed.  More natural every day, this is the 391st painting in 391 days and day 26 of the 30 day painting challenge :)

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  1. So sweet and light and nostalgic! Beautiful little mushroom house!